GDG GLOBAL {un}conf

The GDG Global {un}conf is a 2 day event happening on Saturday, September the 6 and Sunday September the 7 at the “Playground” in Thessaloniki, Greece.


How does the unconference days work?

We begin each day of the conference with GDGers attending introducing themselves with their names and by completing the sentence “I’m a GDG because….”

How do I register?

Complete this registration form [only GDG chapters can register]. Please note that the confirmation page you receive when submitting your registration is the only confirmation you will receive; you will NOT be receiving a separate email confirmation of your form submittal.

If I received an early PLAYGROUND invite, do I still need to register?

Yes. An early Playground invite guarantees you a ticket to The Playground only, and is separate from the Unconference.

How do I stay informed of event updates?

Join this Google+ Community, which is our primary means of communicating Unconference plans with attendees. “Apply for membership” with your name and GDG chapter name if you are not yet part of this group. Also, we will update this site as new information becomes available.

Can I bring a +1?

The Unconference is for organizers only, though we understand that some organizers are traveling with partners to The Playground. In the registration form, please indicate how many +1s and we will do our best to accommodate them for the below:

  • Shuttle transportation with you from SKG >> Thessaloniki center on Friday the 5 of September
  • Sunday night dinner & transport back to hotel at night
  • Shuttle transportation with you on Monday the 8 of September (eventually if the most of you leave on Sunday, we can arrange a shuttle transportation for Sunday as well)

I am travelling from out of town. Will GDG be sponsoring hotel accommodations?

We would have loved it! Sorry for that…but GDG will not provide hotel accommodation, but can ensure you a super discount rate, especially visioning the high season period. Please indicate on the registration form that you will require assistance in booking your travel

I plan to stay in Thessaloniki for the days prior to The Playground. Will GDG provide transportation from SKG to the Playground?

No. GDG will be providing shuttles only for the trips indicated in the Transportation section and especially from and to the SKG airport. Thessaloniki is a really small city and we are a big family, so do not worry about helping each other a little bit!

+ We are going to have a special bike service, in case you would like to rent a bike, please state it in the Registration Form.

Where is the Agenda going to be online?

As we are creating the Agenda the previous day at our Icebreaker dinner, no agenda will be available prior our initial meeting.

Of course based upon your suggestions of topics, details will be added up on this page and on our Google+ community.

What are the dates I need to be available?

We suggest you come to Thessaloniki on Friday the 5 of September, so to be able to attend the “Icebreaker” and introduce ourselves.

On Saturday the 6 we are going to hold a morning “Lightning Talks” session, with your proposals and a few local members of GDG Thessaloniki

After the lunch break we are going to start the “Unconference” based on our notes

After the Unconference, we are going to organize a night out in the city at some local Greek Taverna.

On Sunday the 7 we will hold the “unconference folded out” and we will open doors to participants of the Playground in order to exchange and share their thoughts as well. We might also hosting a few workshops and codelabs -> these will all come out at our Icebreaker session on Friday and the following day unconference.

After the lunch break GDG members can freely visit the fair and all of its attractions, this year we are going to have the CERN technology museum and the Chocolate Factory and Museum, among other interesting entertainments. (e-gaming, After hours party, …)

All participants of the GDG unconference will receive a VIP badge which will grant access to all Fair’s premises and exhibitions + we will have a special GDG VIP table at the after hour music nights during each day of the exhibition.

I need to ask a question it is not here ...

Ping us on and we will be glad to assist you!

Stay tuned for more… Soon