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Solve For <X> is a place to hear about and discuss radical technology ideas for solving global problems. Radical in the sense that the solutions could help millions or billions of people. Radical in the sense that the audacity of the proposals makes them sound like science fiction. And radical in the sense that there is some real technology breakthrough on the horizon indicating that these ideas could really be brought to life.

This combination of things - a Huge Problem to solve, a Radical Solution for solving it, and Breakthrough Technology to make it happen - is the essence of a technology moonshot.

Solve For <X> is intended to be a forum to encourage and amplify technology-based moonshot thinking and teamwork. The forum began in 2012 with a small face-to-face event co-created and co-hosted by Astro Teller, Megan Smith, and Eric Schmidt. Watch videos of talks from that event here.*

For the first time ever in Greece GDG Thessaloniki is hosting the kick-off forum at “The Developers Playground”, aiming at tackling and engaging forward thinkers to actively participate, share and disseminate thoughts and ideas that could really change the world!


Radical thinking and innovation can be in many areas and topics!

Some of the main categories you are going to hear moonshot ideas for, in the Solve For <X> in  “The Playground”

For 9 days this September ( 6-14 ), Thessaloniki will become “The center of Technology World!”

Come and hear about MoonShot ideas that have global impact and be part of the future with the National launching of the Solve For <X> in collaboration with Google[x].


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If you require further information, we invite you to contact us: